Handmade ceramics, a hand-kiss to the past

Handmade ceramics are thousands of years old. But the paintings that have been discovered in caves in the past hundred years all over the world are much much older.

In 1903, one of the first cave paintings was discovered in Spain: the cave of El Castillo. At this time, hundreds of caves with paintings have been discovered in Europe, but also in the rest of the world.

Hand made ceramic Hand bowls biscuit

The oldest of these images are the hand stencils. These are prints of color pigments, where the hand is used as a stencil. This resulted in a negative hand-print, which to this day kindly waves at us.

Time to wave back….

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Terra Sig: Personal Ceramics Projects

At the moment I am studying the Terra Sig technique. Making time for your personal ceramics projects is important, at least for me.

The last months I have been working hard to give an advice on a local (pottery) clay, on a survey among the readers of my newsletter and following a branding course. All worth my time and effort.

Terra Sig weighing TestesHowever instructive this was, sometimes I encounter a technique that I want to investigate further. Ceramics is a field where many techniques play a role. I always like to read about all kinds of methods. But to “really” get to know a technique I have to put theory into practice.

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