Is handmade pottery microwave safe?

I have noticed that there is still a lot of confusion whether handmade pottery is microwave safe. Sometimes all ceramics are considered unsuitable for use in the microwave.

But rest assured, your favorite handmade cup or plate can be absolutely suitable for the microwave, provided the ware does not absorb water(!). In addition, the piece should be finished with a suitable glaze for daily use. But that is always important, not only for microwave use.

So you can use handmade pottery as you like, even in the microwave.

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Living with handmade ceramics

All life is fragile, so live consciously and make it more beautiful: start living with handmade ceramics.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, I, we, have been, confronted with the brutal facts. A lot of things are not under my control, especially the important things like chance, freedom, life and death.

What am I in control of? How I organize my life, with whom and what I surround myself. And the place where I do this is called “home.” A stick in the ground, a tent in the rain or a castle, anything can be a house. But what makes it a home and how do we make it more beautiful?Living with hand-made ceramicsJustine Riley answers this question in her latest book “Living with pottery”: handmade ceramics in your home makes everyday life magical.

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