Cheerful Ceramics Hunt in 2021

Fanatics, enthusiasts and collectors: happy ceramics hunting in 2021!

Hunting season has been opened, not a bloodthirsty but the cheerful ceramic hunt. On the hunt for new colors, shapes and objects. Looking for new techniques, materials and processes. The journey of discovery into the present, past and future.

The hunting grounds of the ceramics fanatic is not limited to the physical world, but also explores the limits of our imagination, innovation and creativity. It’s not a competition, it’s a collective study. A project of ceramics and glaze theorists, suppliers, makers, enthusiasts and collectors (and I’ll probably forget a few).

Cheerful Ceramics Hunt in 2021

The ceramics hunt is a joint task to pass our culture on to the future ceramics fanatics. I’m happy to do my bit. And I personally appreciate myself lucky that there are so many ceramics enthusiasts who support this.

I therefore wish everyone a happy ceramic hunt in 2021! (and all the years that come after that).

The ceramics hunt

And it’s a hunt. I put snares, but don’t catch everything I hunt. I aim my visor meticulously, but I certainly don’t touch everything I’m aiming for. It puts my ability to maintain and collect. But as a real“ceramic”,I don’t give up.

It is also a cheerful yacht. For every shot that goes wrong, I learn something. For all the traps that my prey evades, the bycatch is a surprise. There are no casualties in this hunt, but the ceramics win.

Happy New Year and happy hunting (on ceramics)

Even if you miss out…

Happy New Year and happy hunting

That’s why I never want to miss this. I’m going to keep hunting until I trade this ceramic hunt for the eternal ceramic hunting grounds. But until then, I will dwell on the hunting spoils of the past year and the prey for the year ahead.

I’m glad that so many ceramic fanatics have followed my yacht again this year. It’s great to see how many people wear a handmade ceramic.

DFB ceramics wishes everyone a great 2021... and happy hunting (on ceramics)!

I wish everyone a great 2021

… and happy hunting (on ceramics)!

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Daniel Bende
Daniel Bende
Keramist bij DFB-keramiek
Designs and creates under the trade name DFB-ceramics hand-thrown stoneware figurative ceramics.

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