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Looking for a handmade ceramic sculpture to mark a unique event? Or do you want a unique cup to celebrate life? You are always welcome at DFB ceramics.

In the online shop you can view and order my ceramic sculptures and pottery that I have in stock. You can pay securely with iDEAL, PayPal or credit card.

Returns, exchanges and cancellations

No problem. You can submit a cancellation request as long as I have not yet sent your purchase. Returns or Exchanges: Please contact me within 14 days of delivery. Return items within 30 days of delivery.

I sleep at night, but my shop is always open for you. As soon as I receive the order, I will send your purchase as soon as possible, no later than 5 working days.

Unexpected and always changing

Life is always changing and unexpected, so is the offer in my shop. So take a look regularly to see the updates!

Logo DFB-keramiek Etsy, verkoop keramiek beelden

Etsy (webshop)

Are you looking for something unique and want to do it quickly at home?  My webshop on Etsy is always open, you can see my ceramic sculptures which are in stock and ready to ship.

Etsy is the e-commerce site for “handmade”, “vintage” and “materials” as well as work by ceramic and other artists. It is a global marketplace with a growing Dutch (ceramics) community.

My shop is called DFBkeramiek (DFB-ceramics). I constantly add new sculptures, so if you are interested for my newest ceramics,  please take an look on Etsy.

Art Fairs and exhibitions

Throughout the year you van look me up at different Art Fairs, exhibitions etc .. The upcoming dates and locations can be found under Calendar.

Direct from atelier

Are you interested in my work for your business or home, then of course I’d want to meet you. I am always available by mail or phone .


If you have a specific sculpture or a certain (ceramic) product in mind, I think along with you. Please contact me and hopefully we can help each other. Discussing your idea is always free.

Technical consultation

On this site and my blog (search for “technique”) I wrote several technical related articles. I hope that everyone who makes ceramics can use this to his or hers advantage.

You can request technical consultation for the design of specific glazes or dissolving enamel or ceramic errors. Even if you have specific questions in the field of ceramics, glazes and firing, please contact me.

I will give you a professional answer. Depending on the nature of the question, and my time investment I have to ask a fee.

Terms and Conditions

All direct purchases of goods and / or services, these general conditions apply.

Contact details:

By appointment:
Roedestraat 23
1445 EN Purmerend
+31(0)299 707612

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