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Handmade Ceramics Packaging, There is A Smell To It

The 21st century calls for a revolutionary modernization of handmade ceramics packaging. Online business is booming. Buying and selling handmade ceramics online also means storage, packing and shipping.

Since I opened my online shop on this site, I don’t just ship ceramics. I also need to store and manage my inventory.

Okay, I’m not an Amazon or Bol.com, so for me, no large-scale logistics infrastructure. I’m just looking for a simple way to store and send my work. Especially for cups, mugs and small bowls I don’t have a good storage system yet.

So it’s about time for finding a safe and future-proof way of handmade ceramics packaging and storage. For our future, I take my inspiration from the past.

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Living with handmade ceramics

All life is fragile, so live consciously and make it more beautiful: start living with handmade ceramics.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, I, we, have been, confronted with the brutal facts. A lot of things are not under my control, especially the important things like chance, freedom, life and death.

What am I in control of? How I organize my life, with whom and what I surround myself. And the place where I do this is called “home.” A stick in the ground, a tent in the rain or a castle, anything can be a house. But what makes it a home and how do we make it more beautiful?Living with hand-made ceramicsJustine Riley answers this question in her latest book “Living with pottery”: handmade ceramics in your home makes everyday life magical.

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